bathroom caddy is a great way to make the bathroom feel more like a spa, assuming you have a bathtub that can accommodate it

How to Make Your Bathroom Your Own Private Spa

Here are a few tips on how you could make your bathroom your own private spa. Pre-warning: after you’ve done these tricks, you might find it hard to leave! Upgrade Your Shower One way you can make your bathroom feel more spa-like is by installing a frameless shower screen. This...

weekend house rentals

4 tips to decorate a holiday home or weekend house rentals

Some people make the investment of a second home where they enjoy their rest days during summer vacations and different trips throughout the year. This is a decoration project that brings a special illusion to those who observe this decision in the context of their life project. This space is...

The good thing is to clear everything to the fullest and opt for a minimalist decorative style or close to what we understand as such

Decorative tricks that will allow you to sleep better

Rest is essential. Sleeping at least 8 hours and doing it in good condition allows us to face the day with energy. That is why it is so important to do everything possible so that the necessary conditions are met so that comfort and relaxation take over our bedroom. Do...

Another advantage that a digital peephole has is the possibility of being able to look through it remotely

Advantages of the digital peephole

New technologies allow us to have new appliances for the home, with which we can obtain a lot of advantages. One of these devices, is a digital peephole , let’s see what advantages it can offer to those who want to have one. Why install a digital peephole in your...

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment in them is the primary role of our fume extractor

Goodbye to the fumes: Maintaining a clean and healthy environment

Nowadays kitchens have become main rooms of many homes. Increasingly, our houses have spacious kitchens where we spend much of our time and not only cooking, but also a family meeting point where many moments are shared. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment in them is the primary role of our...

decoration of the walls

7 ideas to decorate the wall

The decoration of the walls can acquire the main role in a project to renovate a room in the house. In that case, those ideas that enhance the aesthetics of this area of ​​the house can help you materialize this proposal at a decorative level. 1. Wall clock Time is...

Need to know about Louis Poulsen

Need to know about Louis Poulsen

If you are absolutely mesmerized by the visual expression and high quality of good old Danish design, you have most certainly heard of Louis Poulsen. If not, you are in for a treat. Louis Poulsen is unquestionably iconic when it comes to lighting. The brand has existed since 1874 and...

we give you some ideas of flowers to beautify the house during this time.

6 flowers to decorate the house in autumn

The decoration with flowers and plants enchants those who occupy a part of their time with gardening tasks. In turn, each season of the year also has the context of seasonal flowers. 1. Daisies This is an example of a simple flower that lives a particularly prominent moment during this...

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