Bathroom lighting modern styles and durable designs

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While the light is an aspect that favors all the decorations and the spaces for hygiene not escape this, if you put your hand perfect lighting for bathrooms, have results charming that will be reflected in all corners thereof during activities that you perform there daily. It is necessary to improve this point as bathrooms, … Read more

How to Get Rid of Bad Odors from Your Home

Ways to Banish Bad Smells from Your Home

The house can be perfectly clean and neat, but that does not mean that we could get rid of some bad slight odor. Home bad odors may be the cleanest house and due to multiple factors. We give some basic tips to remove them. Home smells bad Maybe you thought no Does happen, but the … Read more

Minimalist style Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Blend Aesthetics

Regardless if it is for matters of space or costs, minimalist bedrooms are a good choice to decorate and they are ideas that positively adjusted to the trends of contemporary fashion and unique. With certain simplicity, the elements of the minimalist style bedroom enlarge the tasteful and maintain an atmosphere stripped and quiet of you … Read more

Carpet and upholstery Cleaning: Advice and Help

The main advantage of the method of cleaning hot water extraction is that effective cleaning is possible using only hot water

The cleaning of carpets and upholstery is good to make the most pleasing to the eye carpets, which potentially making it more durable, and probably healthier than carpet in poor condition. In particular, encapsulation and other green technologies work better, they are easier to use, require less training, save more time and money, and lead … Read more

Choosing the living room coffee table

if you usually receive visits at home we can choose a lift table center that allows us to take full advantage of this element

The living room coffee table is an essential accessory for any living room that boasts. Now, you know what should be the ideal center table? In dreamyapartment we want to answer this question to help decorate the living room properly. Depending on the size of our room must choose a type of coffee table or … Read more

How to decorate a long and narrow corridor?

The mirrors enlarged spaces and can put various square-shaped

If you have in your home a long narrow hallway and today we give you some tips for proper decoration. The important thing is to play with colors and lighting so that it will not remain in darkness and make visually open and give us a feeling of more space and slack. As for the … Read more

Colorful rugs for summer

What is not so easy it is to get colorful patterns, as most companies focus on neutral tones

One of the tips that experts often give interior summer is that we keep the carpet until the arrival of autumn, as these supplements often give warmth, something you do not need when temperatures begin to rise. However, these elements can be very decorative, giving the home a special touch, so many are reluctant to … Read more

Tips for placing a vinyl floor

synthetic nature having vinyl ago you may have difficulty adjusting to temperature changes

The film is increasingly present in homes, as it is a material that get a lot out both decorative and performance. Especially triumph vinyls to decorate walls, but it is also very successful in this soil material, which makes it a flexible coating which leaves spectacular results. Before putting the vinyl floor, you should be … Read more

Composite shutters Design and Trends

composite blinds are an essential element in the buildings before long

At last we are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability surround, which helps the environment and, in many cases, also to our pocket. Sustainable buildings are the order of the day, and luckily also in the decor are starting to use many items that are perfect for this. One of the most protects the … Read more