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5 Indoor Plants Easy To Care

If you have safe interior space in your house, you can maintain your connection with nature by growing natural indoor plants. There are thousands of varieties of indoor plants available to decorate the interior of your house. Anyway, all favorite are those houseplants, easy to care for, since they do not demand long time. We know some of them.

Christmas Cactus

As you know, the cactus grow in desert, very extreme conditions reason why Christmas cactus will grow anywhere, even in your House.

Christmas Cactus: Indoor Plants Easy To Care

As for the care of the cactus, the only demand they have is be watered twice a month. You can put this plant in any Matera and replanted at least once every two years. There are thousands of colors you can buy from the market. This indoor houseplant is easy-care, you don’t have much time for monitoring to ensure that it grows healthy.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant: Indoor Plants Easy To Care
As its name implies, it is true that this type of houseplant bears resemblance to a spider, its leaves are numerous and growing quickly. It is very stylish and must have large space need to grow as its nature, and is ideal for removing impurities and toxic gases in the environment. The recommended places to put it at home are the kitchen or around the fireplace, but anyway it will grow anywhere. It should be watered once a week.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm: Indoor Plants Easy To Care

This plant has a more tropical air, so it will be a matter of taste to use in your home. The requirement for this indoor plant grows is simple: it must receive direct light, so you can place it next to a window. You only need to be watered every two weeks and in the long-term thinking you have to replant it grows up to two meters high, but if you put it in a small pot it will grow according to their proportions.


Begonias: Indoor Plants Easy To Care

The begonias also known as indoor plants and much more for the texture of the leaves have shown they can thrive indoors and that its size is ideal for a table pot. A begonias makes them good in sunlight and should be watered only once a week. So the result is a very beautiful plant with easy care.


Araucaria: Indoor Plants Easy To Care
The Araucaria can grow both indoors and outdoors, this is a beautiful medium green tree spreading its leaves so splendid. Some even compare with Christmas trees and grow to be 3 meters high. Ideally to grow and maintain harmony at home it need to water once a week, and put it in a cool place.

Now you know what the easiest houseplants to care are, you have no maintenance as an excuse not to put a little harmony to your home. Remember that indoor plants help to purify the environment and can also serve as excellent ornament in strategic locations in your home. What is your favorite plant?

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