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7 ideas to decorate the wall

The decoration of the walls can acquire the main role in a project to renovate a room in the house. In that case, those ideas that enhance the aesthetics of this area of ​​the house can help you materialize this proposal at a decorative level.

1. Wall clock

Time is a basic element in decoration since furniture also undergoes its own evolutionary process over the years. The perspective of a place itself can also change from the present when new needs arise. Each period of the year welcomes new trends that describe the current situation of what is fashionable.

decoration of the walls

Although the new technologies have a multifunctional value, the watch is still a basic item for those who want to check what time it is. In this case, a wall clock is an idea that is updated through the design novelties in this proposal. You can find wall clock designs for any style. Therefore, this can be a gift idea within the theme of decoration for the upcoming Christmas parties.

2. Decorative dishes on the wall

This is another of the decorating ideas that you can consider to decorate any of the house walls with charm .

3. Framing sheets

Frames can not only bring home the happiness of happy moments from the past or personal portraits that give prominence to special loved ones. Creativity in decoration through art can start from different thematic proposals. For example, images that describe a nature print . You can create a special space in your home through different details of these characteristics.

4. World maps

What is the next destination you would like to visit on an unforgettable vacation trip? What places do you keep a special memory? Around the theme of the trip you can find home decorating ideas. For example, the world map vinyl.

The project of a trip can not only motivate you in the immediacy of the present, but also in the imagination of future experiences and new discoveries. It is a decoration proposal that invites you to go beyond this image to imagine, plan and visualize future getaways. Through this map of the world you can travel without leaving home through your imagination.

5. Stationery products

The choice of stationery products , for example, the purchase of notebooks, office supplies and the choice of an agenda not only has a practical function from the proper use of each product. Stationery items with an increasingly elaborate and original design also decorate the study or work area, for example, by having a prominent place on a shelf.

6. Relief on the walls

Through this idea of ​​decoration you can give your own style to white walls or proposals with a different tone. Original ideas for this visual feature on its surface. You can choose different thematic motifs around this idea of ​​decoration that adds volume to the wall seen from a new image through this relief that expresses and describes the beauty of this point.

7. Crafts to decorate the walls

The theme of crafts emphasizes the artisanal nature of this type of creations. You can give space to your own creations by placing some of your proposals on the wall. What crafts are your favorite? For example, drawing, painting, collage …

These are just some of the many ideas you can consider to decorate the walls of the house.

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