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A pace comfortable and cozy in the toilet

We spend an average of 3 years of our lives in the toilet. This place, like all other parts of the house deserves to be especially pampered. Turn your bathroom into a stylish and comfortable space.


Green light for an original atmosphere

Why not make this place a comfortable space by creating a specific atmosphere? You can bring a little dream, or a glamorous touch of humor. If you like classic designs, create a soft ambiance united with paint or wallpaper, pastel colors and soft lighting. Those who prefer a chic will give a new dimension to their little corner by opting for black and fuchsia duos or black and silver. To distill a little humor to the scene, go for cool accessories and vibrant colors.

A pace comfortable and cozy in the toilet


The right accessories for the bathroom of your dreams

Everything is allowed to make this place an easy place to live and comfortable. The most important thing is to know what mood you want to make. Do you dream of environmentalists toilet? Bet on a flush economy, natural materials and accessories made of wood and cardboard. Using toilet paper and a lid original comic, you can offer him a funny look and instead shifted at will. With Liberty wallpaper and toilet paper dispenser porcelain or enamel, creating a retro atmosphere.


Toilet top with playthings

For decoration, go for fun and practical accessories. With a host of items to choose from, you will have multiple options on how to put them on stage. Do everything possible to ensure that the time spent in the scene may seem shorter. To do this, choose a small shelf on which you will have the “toilet books” funny or pretty basket filled with magazines and sudoku books. Give yourself and your guests the opportunity to get away and dream by installing paintings and posters.


Good hygiene and VIP access for the whole family

For toilet cozy and comfortable, good hygiene is required. Install a nice closet to a wall to hide your household products: toilet gel, deodorant, towel … As everyone appreciates the good scents, consider creating an olfactory ambience with electric air fresheners or potpourri. Then, when you develop your small corner, think about the whole family. Install a ramp for the safety of elderly and a stool for easy access to the bowl to the youngest.

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