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A trendy decoration with cardboard furniture

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Trend, cardboard furniture take place in our interior decoration. Buy cardboard furniture or make, the choice is yours.

Malleable, tough, lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly, cardboard has everything needed to participate in the decoration. However, the first question that comes to mind when it comes to cardboard furniture is their strength. Indeed, one is tempted to think they will easily fall apart and therefore do not last over time. Instead, they are very robust: they are made from special materials such as corrugated cardboard or foam, or from wood pulp and cardboard recovered. They can easily withstand a weight up to 100 pounds. Unlike wooden furniture , wrought iron or steel, they are very light cardboard. They can easily move and one more point, they are also flexible. In addition to these characteristics, they are environmentally friendly. For you must know that the raw material that is biodegradable and the paint is environmentally friendly.

The cardboard furniture: where to get them?

Many stores now offer decorative cardboard furniture: sofas, dining table, desk, bookcase, coffee table , little by little all the furniture of madness seized the box. At online stores, the choice is wider: you can find unique designs made by users that put up for sale. But you are quite possible to design your furniture made of cardboard! On the Internet, there are many sites devoted to the manufacture of cardboard furniture, and videos are included to facilitate understanding. In principle, to assemble these pieces, screws, nails and other joints are to be banned: they set a glue that is highly resistant special.


The cardboard furniture: practical information

However, if you do not mind the handyman, the best alternative to build its cardboard furniture for yourself is the purchase of kit: the elements are already cut out of cardboard and it’ll just the together. If your furniture has been stained, is it washable? Perfectly! In fact, when painted, they are simultaneously coated with a natural glass former, which makes them waterproof, but also washable. For daily maintenance, simply pass a sponge! The cardboard furniture can all styles and looks, they are very flexible and just a little imagination and a little creativity to create a unique piece. They are so well made that it is impossible to distinguish them from other furniture built with other materials.

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