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Advantages and disadvantages of vinyl painting

Of all the types of painting that exist, the most popular of all is usually plastic painting, which in turn is divided between acrylic and vinyl . Of this last one I will speak to you next so that you know its advantages and disadvantages, since on the basis of it you will be able to make a decision of successful purchase.

This type of water-based paint is one of the most used to paint walls and ceilings, so it is good to know the good and the bad that it offers to compare it with acrylic paint.

It is available in many colors : For many it is the greatest advantage, since when choosing a color for the walls

Advantages of vinyl painting

It is easily applied : As it is a water-based paint, it is applied effortlessly with a brush or roller and it does not cost so much to obtain a good result (a colorful, precise and uniform finish).

It is available in many colors : For many it is the greatest advantage, since when choosing a color for the walls, it is always appreciated that the fan is wide. In this way it is not difficult to find a color that matches the furniture and the rest of the decoration.

It dries very fast : Unlike what happens with other types of paint, the vinyl paint dries in a few hours, making it ideal for those in a hurry to paint the floor.

It has a soft smell : It is still a smelling paint, but the smell is less unpleasant than in the case of a vinyl painting. Also, it is not flammable.

It is easy to wash : Do not worry about the bill for the spots and chafing that may appear on the walls. Besides being very resistant to them, it has the advantage of eliminating them without too much difficulty using a rag soaked with soap and water.

Disadvantages of vinyl painting

It does not hold water and humidity well : Although it is a paint that can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is recommended not to use it in outdoor places that are going to be very exposed to humidity and rain. For those cases it is better to choose an acrylic paint.

The price : Although the price of plastic paint is not far from preposterous (varies greatly depending on the brand), it must be said that it is a painting with a price somewhat higher than the rest. Of course, it is likely that no other can offer you so many advantages.

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