An Insight In To Bed Frames: What You Need To Know

A bed frame, also known as a bed stead is the section of a bed that is used to position the base and mattress off the floor. Bed frames are mostly made from either wood or metal and consists of three sections namely; foot, side rail and head. All beds consist of the above mentioned with the exception of queen and king size beds that are usually fitted with a central support and even sometimes an extra foot extending towards the floor.

The bed frames are designed and constructed with precision so that they can properly hold headboards attached on them. It is however important to note that most frames do not come with accommodation for foot boards. This can be solved by customizing your frames or purchasing those with attachments on both ends. The slats found on the frames are positioned in a perpendicular manner for fitting bed rails since this is mandatory for supporting the foundation, box spring or mattress. Bed rails are particularly used to design frames which contain both headboards and foot boards.

For iron beds whose headboards and foot boards are made of iron, bed rails and frames are usually made of steel

Sometimes individuals may need to dismantle or assemble a bed when moving from a house to another. This is where there is need to find a good material to attach bed rails to bed posts. According to many bed manufacturing companies as well as expert reviews, Knock down fittings perform this task efficiently. There are different types of primary knock fittings. They include: hook with pin fastener which involve mortise slots being cut vertically, hook with plate fasteners that is same as the hook with pin fastener with the only difference being the plates replacing the pins. Another type of knock fittings involves the use of bed bolts which are drilled in to the holes in bed posts for a firm connection.

For iron beds whose headboards and foot boards are made of iron, bed rails and frames are usually made of steel. On the other hand, brass beds contain foot boards and headboards made of brass while the frame rails are made of steel. Both brass and iron beds require strong connectors since they are more compact and carry more weight than most wooden beds.

Just like any other product, bed frames come in different colors, sizes, styles and designs. With regard to style, frames come in two main styles: classic and modern. All these are properly structured to fit various home designs while maintaining a good look. Design and strength are the integral factors that determine the value of a bed frame. You will therefore encounter a difference in the cost of a modern bed frame as compared to a classic one.

It is a matter of utmost importance to select a bed frame that properly fits both your interest and budget. You should also ensure that it perfectly compliments headboards and foot boards; that is if you had purchased them earlier. Since not all bed frames are designed in the same manner, your preference will be the only difference between a good and great frame for your bed. Always try to make a perfect choice since bed frames play an important role in influencing your sleeping posture.

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