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Artificial Christmas Flower Arrangements

The artificial Christmas flower arrangements are one of the best ideas when you want to create a centerpiece with our own hands and that lasts and can also save it for the holidays.

flowers can also be combined with specific

Such arrangements are easy to make and give to the Christmas table looks super warm and inviting. Therefore, today Dreamy Apartment bring you some ideas for making artificial Christmas flower arrangements. I’m sure is very simple and very original.



  • Oasis floral foam or
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Pineapples
  • Fruits
  • Candles
  • Balls


Step by step

An artificial Christmas flower arrangement is the same way as for a conventional one. We get a piece of oasis, also known as floral foam, and it stems with wire and plastic, prick the ornaments we have chosen for our arrangement. It’s really easy and all you need is to put creativity, ingenuity and design under model we want for our table.


flowers can also be combined with specific


At the time of establishing the order in which different objects will, it is good to place in the bottom and sides of leaves and branches to officiate base, enlarge the settlement, and contrast with other accessories to be placed higher. It is important to create a green base that the settlement volume and allow us to play with different heights and then contrasts.



Another interesting aspect which allows the floral foam is that it also can stick candles and thereby generate a table center much more attractive. Taking the necessary repairs as a fire precaution, we place the candle in the center of our artificial flower arrangement and thus the Christmas table will look great shape.


arrangement will be truly Christmas

The flowers can also be combined with specific items that give the Christmas spirit more in line according to the occasion. Ribbons, garlands, balls, lollipops, candy, small snowmen and stars can be interspersed with artificial flowers and so the arrangement will be truly Christmas.


red floral arrangement will be truly Christmas


We hope that based on these tips and images that we have chosen especially for the occasion, to make your own artificial Christmas flower arrangements and you dress the Christmas table in the best way.

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