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The best travel Guide to Bulgaria

With a week of free days, it’s time for you to plan the trip of your dreams. What better than to opt to travel to Bulgaria! This destination is one of the most recommended around the world, because it has all the landscapes and amusements you are looking for, even more if you are a fan and persecutor of good landscapes, exceptional panoramic views and high-impact photographs.

Sort of last terra incognita European, the Bulgaria is perhaps the most enigmatic of all the countries of the East

Not only is it waiting at the airport, it is about living an unparalleled experience, alone or with the company of your partner that surely will also be fascinated with everything you expect to venture.



It is the capital with more dimensions of entertainment that you will see in the world, because it is an authentic city, not the most beautiful in the world but if it is a place where you will see endless recommendations to practice and embark on a course of specialized fun. Spend the day in one of the most beautiful roads of Sofia and set an iconic center for your journey of rest or multiple adventures that you have to experience.


iscover American University in Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad with Expedia guides

After finding you about 100 km south of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, you will see a tourist icon to never forget this trip, and this time it is the fantasy imposed on the 7 lakes of Rila and the Monastery, as it is A mountain described as a highly visited national park that denotes a perfect place , to take the most impressive photographs and that is worth to enjoy to the maximum. Activate your persuasion for the most motivating places you should visit on your holidays and enjoy everything that Bulgaria offers , not to forget, but to want to return.


A place in Bulgaria to relax and inspire you within your rest according to all the exceptional environments offered by each of the sites all around .

This place was founded especially by a hermit of the antiquity, person who lived steeply in a cave of the mountain. It has an incredible architecture , which shows a museum with exceptional pieces that have become famous once they have been carved to scale of a completely millimetric size. This is one of the enchanting points that you will have at your disposal, when you reach this point of Bulgaria .

city of Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and one of the best-preferred travel destinations


This represents another of the most coveted areas by visitors who arrive in Bulgaria , after Sofia and is that with its 7 hills are climbing the streets and making their representation. There are no remains of the architecture of that time, but it still shows as an excellent amphitheater around a Roman circus , located just below a street in the whole city.

Enjoy your trip to all these Bulgarian places and it shows the desire to want to repeat each trip, every time you have days off.

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