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Calm And Soothing: A Guide To Creating A Neutral Living Room

Neutral tones are often incorrectly written off as being boring and lacking personality. While it’s possible for a neutral living room to seem a little bland, when these colours are used well they can create a calm and soothing space for you and your family.

Want a bold look? Go for rich neutrals

Choosing neutral decor doesn’t have to mean your room has to look dull. By choosing rich neutral colours like slate grey and chocolate brown, you can give the room a striking appearance.

And a neutral palette doesn’t have to stop at the walls. Give your living room some impact by choosing furniture – like cupboards or small tables – made from rich, deep woods.

Soft neutral walls and floors can act as the ideal canvas for a wide variety of accessories that can breathe some life into your living room

Subtle animal prints can give a dash of personality

While we can understand you might not want to plaster the walls of your living room in leopard print, there’s no reason not to consider hints of it instead. By selecting soft and soothing hues, you can give the room a stylish and sophisticated feel without looking too over the top.

What’s more, the versatility of a neutral colour scheme means it’s a cinch to choose complimentary curtains and furniture. For a subtle yet sassy makeover, try adding a couple of neutral cheetah print-style cushions on sofas and chairs.

Introduce pattern and texture

Want to make sure your living room doesn’t look washed out after its neutral revamp? Then consider giving it some pattern and texture with accessories, wall coverings, fabrics and wood grains.

For example, textured wallpaper will really give your living room some impact without detracting from the neutral look, while laminate floors can have a similar effect.

Don’t forget the importance of accessories

Soft neutral walls and floors can act as the ideal canvas for a wide variety of accessories that can breathe some life into your living room. All it takes to give the room a sense of light and space is to hang up a mirror, while flowers and candles positioned below it make for an excellent symmetrical display. If you want to show off a few favoured objects, like pictures of friends and family, why not choose a polished dark wood side table?

Bands of neutral colour can give your living room a spacious feel

With sofas, pictures, tables, a television and sundry other objects adorning many living rooms, it can be easy for them to become cluttered. Fortunately, you can create the illusion of extra space by painting your walls with bands of colour, which can add width.

You can bolster this look further by choosing accessories that match the walls – for instance, a floral cushion fabric can be a perfect accompaniment to neutral shades of yellow.

Make sure you get the lighting right

It’s often all too easy to spend ages worrying about the colour of your walls and the style of furniture and accessories, without considering how it all looks in the light of your living room. Consequently, it’s important to consider not just the natural light of the room, but also the electric lighting.

Opt for deep neutrals in a poorly lit room and you could be left with a space that’s darker than you expected. However, by getting the lighting right, you’ll really add some dimension to the neutral hues of your living room.

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