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Casamance: beautiful and luxurious brand of wallpaper and furnishing fabrics

Modern wallpaper and upholstery dazzling the reputation of Casamance since its inception in 2000. Focus on a few models that have caught the eye.

You like floral wallpaper? Casamance emphasizes the classic look and makes them invincible. Indeed, the brand brings new trends and subtle touches to floral to constantly renew. If your home is Japanese style, discover the collection Bengal Casamance. It includes floral wallpaper, inspired by the rising sun. Your home is more Zen? Opt for the Lotus collection. Butterflies and flowers in this collection are inspired by the finest oriental gardens.

Casamance beautiful and luxurious brand of wallpaper and furnishing fabrics
The Casamance wallpapers are also available with patterns and colors and certainly less conventional design. For a modern decor, chic and glamorous, we recommend the Metropolitan collection. Four wallpapers, a trend-oriented elegant and sober are offered in this collection. Plain or patterned wallpaper collection Metropolitan actually the character. Metropolitan-1 model has particularly impressed with its broad stripes and the combination of black and beige.

Looking elegant fabrics to dress up your furniture and windows? Casamance offers a wide choice of fine fabrics and delicate, specially created for a chic home. Casamance gives you complete satisfaction if you like pastel colors. Alabama Collection, soft and pleasant to the eyes sure to impress you. Alabama is characterized by a subtle layering of colors. This is done either with patterns on a plain background, or with alternating stripes of two or more colors. In this collection, our preference goes to Alabama-1, a model that is purple in the spotlight.
Donatello’s collection is also very impressive. Luxurious and creative, she seduces with the finest materials such as velvet. It has also been working with finesse to bring out its appearance. Embossed, woven and felted with colors, velvet fabrics in the collection Donatello offer cozy interior. The collection is distinguished by colors and brilliant detail. But with modern designs, Donatello is also a very contemporary collection.

Discover all the premium products from Casamance to the website of the brand or go directly to one of its distributors.

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