Baby things should always be on hand, preferably near the crib to not have our child unattended at any time

Tips for decorating a baby room

If it is difficult for adults to decorate a room and get it to fit our needs, imagine doing for a baby! Today in our blog we want to help and share with you some tips to help you furnish and decorate baby room. Aesthetics, safety and comfort are some...

Zara Home Kids do not forget other textiles such as bathrobes or towels

Zara Home Kids Catalog Spring-Summer 2015

Believe it or not, the spring has come into our lives, so it is high time we started to notice this season in the interiors of our home, including children’s bedrooms. The smallest of the house are also entitled to enjoy this season of life in the shelter! Of course...

it is logical to be focus on this aspect, namely the choice of the crib

Tips for choosing a crib

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in the life of a person who is developing both the baby and your partner. It is also a phase of many nerves and stress, as there is a long list of things to do and prepare for when the baby comes...

babies usually have a large amount of clothing and accessories you need to know to save and well ordered

Ideas for organizing the nursery

The baby room is much more important than you think because it will have your little sleep reassured and also enjoy their sleep. But for this, besides having the beautifully decorated room you will have it well organized. The order is essential to make it a pleasant stay and also...

Lighting is very important in the decoration

How to Decorate a Kids Room?

To ensure the welfare of your little son is very important to have a well decorated children’s room. Order to make a proper decoration in your child’s room, it is advisable to keep in mind four factors: aesthetics, safety, space and flexibility that we have. Taking into account the above...

cover the slit and so transform into a piece of furniture for big kid

Beds decoration for Babies

This time I’ll talk about some tips for decorating bedrooms for babies, so I pay close attention and read this interesting article. Absolutely all babies should have a stylish, comfortable, relaxing and warm bedroom that should be decorated according to sex. The bedroom of a baby should be a special...

Bright room for newborn babies

Baby Bedding Ideas with Photos

All parents are required to decorate the room intended for baby and always will be made with love. To do this, you have to know how to choose the perfect furniture, the perfect color and the right accessories. The decor of the baby bedding should be done before the baby...

Surely a girl or boy also enchant you this cute character is Mickey Mouse

Rooms Decoration with Mickey Mouse

Basically Mickey Mouse type of decoration is for smaller home, especially for girls and boys. For this I want to recommend you continue reading this article very carefully, so that you can acquire ideas for decorating the room of your child. We all know Mickey Mouse is a cartoon that...

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