bathroom caddy is a great way to make the bathroom feel more like a spa, assuming you have a bathtub that can accommodate it

How to Make Your Bathroom Your Own Private Spa

Here are a few tips on how you could make your bathroom your own private spa. Pre-warning: after you’ve done these tricks, you might find it hard to leave! Upgrade Your Shower One way you can make your bathroom feel more spa-like is by installing a frameless shower screen. This...

Ideas for a bigger and brighter bathroom

Ideas for a bigger and brighter bathroom for elegant looks

In the bathroom we always have the same dilemma: what can we do to gain meters? And the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. And, therefore, space is the main problem. Or less said, the lack of space. Today we want to help you and that is...

It is necessary to celebrate that the decorative tendencies go beyond a living room or a dining room to sneak into the bathroom

Trends in bathroom taps

When we reform the bathroom we do not stop to think about the importance of certain elements, such as taps. Not only must we ensure that they fulfill their function well, but we should also look at their design, since it depends on whether a bathroom is more or less...

The more simplicity and simplicity you add to these baths home, the better the finish awarded to the entire area

Zen Bathworks: Cedar Hot Tub and Best Soaking Tubs

The beauty of zen baths ensures trendsetter from all diversities, because this is mainly based on simplicity, the absence of accessories completely, as well as the unique implementation of eccentrically functional objects. It’s time to get a room totally authentic, unique and optimal bath according to the simplicity you always wanted...

The aromas are also very important when we want to create relaxing environments.

Ideas to convert the house into a bathroom Spa

Not everyone has the good fortune to enjoy a therapeutic session in a Spa center. However, we can do something else: turn the bathroom into a makeshift spa . Do you rent? Do not miss our tricks! Whirlpool baths Turn a bathroom into a sauna depends to a large extent...

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