remove the bad smell of clean clothes

How to remove the bad smell of clean clothes?

When the washing machine, instead of washing begins to impregnate your clothes with unpleasant odors, something inside it is not working properly. This type of incidences is usually associated with the poor maintenance of some part of the circuit where the water passes or even by a tank (the one...

it is advisable to wash the white linen after each use or for a maximum of two to ensure that no dirt accumulates

Guide for your clothes to maintain a splendid white

In the store, all the clothes look radiant. And especially the white one. However, over time, the garments are losing that untainted and resplendent aspect that made us fall in love when we bought it. To preserve the purity of the whites for as long as possible and avoid yellowing...

How to remove perfume stains from your clothes

How to remove perfume stains from your clothes

Perfume is our best complement. It reflects our personality, improves our mood and gives us a touch of seduction that never hurts. However, some perfume stain clothes, causing uncomfortable yellowish spots result of the reaction of the acid of fragrances with tissue appear. But do not worry! We have gathered...

If you have a narrow vase that you can not eliminate the bad smell, fill it with salt water and a good spurt of vinegar and let it act for 24 hours

Tips for the care of clothes and home

Faded clothes: Have you worn a garment you just bought? Do not worry, you just have to boil a liter of water with about 20 bay leaves for 15 minutes, strain it, let it cool and soak the faded garment. Then, clarify it and you’ll see that it’s as good as...

vacuum cleaner

How to buy the most convenient vacuum cleaner

We tell you the characteristics of modern vacuum cleaners and their functions, to know which will be the most convenient according to your requirement. The vacuum cleaner is much more than a simple appliance for cleaning. If we know how to choose the most correct and suitable for our needs,...

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