New Interior designs styles in for beautiful and peaceful home decor

Glass handrails on stairs

Glass or wooden handrails on stairs

Of course, to get to a higher level of the house, one needs to use the stairs. The stairs come in different lovely designs. It can be a simple modern staircase with floating tendencies or a classic wooden staircase with intricate carvings on the balustrades of the railings. Or it...

When making the decision to choose large windows to personalize the home

Advantages and disadvantages of large windows at home

Windows are essential in a house since they represent the entrance of natural light. Increase the beauty of a space to the point that good views can be decisive to select a property as a definitive option of purchase or rental. Therefore, the beauty of the views perfects the home...

The first step is to completely empty the rooms , cabinets and drawers

The most frequent order errors that you should avoid

It is no secret that the decoration looks much more when the house is well organized. Although this may seem obvious, keeping rooms in order is not always easy, especially if we are many at home. We want to help you to put your house (and your life) in proper order...

White and wood: the trend that never goes out of style

The best ideas to renovate your kitchen

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? The truth is that today there are many alternatives that you can find in decoration magazines and in the work carried out by construction companies. That’s why it occurred to us that it would be a good idea to share a list with...

Home office with wooden parquet and a beautiful view

Advantages of wooden floors

The wooden floors are, today, one of the most interesting options for both homes and commercial premises. Its resistance, elegance and warmth are just some of the advantages of wooden floors that we can name. From the point of view of decoration we must say that they combine perfectly with...

You can make yourself self-sustainable in terms of energy and potentially generate cash flow by selling back to the grid

Why designer homes are getting more and more popular

Keeping up with the digital Jones’ Designer homes are not only the envy of people in your street, but can now be globally showcased on Pinterest, Instagram and the holy grail of an upmarket design blog. Therefore, demand for a photo worthy home is increasing partly as a response to...

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