weekend house rentals

4 tips to decorate a holiday home or weekend house rentals

Some people make the investment of a second home where they enjoy their rest days during summer vacations and different trips throughout the year. This is a decoration project that brings a special illusion to those who observe this decision in the context of their life project. This space is...

Need to know about Louis Poulsen

Need to know about Louis Poulsen

If you are absolutely mesmerized by the visual expression and high quality of good old Danish design, you have most certainly heard of Louis Poulsen. If not, you are in for a treat. Louis Poulsen is unquestionably iconic when it comes to lighting. The brand has existed since 1874 and...

noise pollution

What solutions can we apply to reduce noise pollution?

Having a space dedicated to silence can bear fruit every time we want to escape the noises that make us feel uncomfortable and reduce the quality of life. The empty spaces can guarantee up to 100% of soundproof areas. Install cubicles and wall partitions In places with large free space,...

Home office with wooden parquet and a beautiful view

Advantages of wooden floors

The wooden floors are, today, one of the most interesting options for both homes and commercial premises. Its resistance, elegance and warmth are just some of the advantages of wooden floors that we can name. From the point of view of decoration we must say that they combine perfectly with...

Another aspect that you should consider is the inclusion of large windows

Keys to enjoy a kitchen open to a patio or terrace

When the good weather arrives, one wants to enjoy the outdoors. It’s not a good plan to lock yourself up at home when you can sunbathe, relax in a hammock or share a meal with your family and friends. If you are one of those lucky ones who have a...

glossy and shiny paintings make wall imperfections become more evident

Add a personal touch to your home decor with items at Vistaprint

Wall Calendar Decorate your walls with large wall calendars from Vistaprint. Pick your favorite images to relive the moment every time you look at them. There is even space to write notes to not forget your tasks for the day. Creating your own wall calendar is easy as 1-2-3 just...

You can make yourself self-sustainable in terms of energy and potentially generate cash flow by selling back to the grid

Why designer homes are getting more and more popular

Keeping up with the digital Jones’ Designer homes are not only the envy of people in your street, but can now be globally showcased on Pinterest, Instagram and the holy grail of an upmarket design blog. Therefore, demand for a photo worthy home is increasing partly as a response to...

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