Imitation floor tiles could not be otherwise, the original hydraulic floors are more expensive, because they are handmade tiles

Ideas for Decorating with Hydraulic Tiles

What are hydraulic tiles? They are mosaics of pigmented cement. Unlike traditional ceramic or porcelain tiles, hydraulic mosaics are not cooked, they are made of compressed cement with hydraulic presses, hence its name. They have been very fashionable until the 70’s, but they have now been seen again in the...

renovating Many times the seat of the chairs have a upholstery

Ideas for Renovating the House with Little Budget

Money should not be an obstacle to renovating the home, these are some inexpensive options to make notable changes that can change the decor. Sometimes you want to change your entire home but you feel that to change the furniture you do not have enough money. This list of tips for...

Rustic Home Decorating

Ideas to put a rustic touch to your home

It is natural, warm and deeply welcoming. For something the rustic decor is fashionable. A style that you can recreate perfectly in your house with small details that make the difference to your home decoration. Because it is not necessary to have a house in the countryside to enjoy the...

it is also advisable to choose light colors and natural fabrics and not too thick

How to make the windows work

The windows are our nexus of union with the exterior. In addition to light filled the interior of our home, windows also flood life and beauty spaces. Although at first sight it may be easy to decorate the windows of the house, in fact there are a few tricks that...

Baby things should always be on hand, preferably near the crib to not have our child unattended at any time

Tips for decorating a baby room

If it is difficult for adults to decorate a room and get it to fit our needs, imagine doing for a baby! Today in our blog we want to help and share with you some tips to help you furnish and decorate baby room. Aesthetics, safety and comfort are some...

There are plenty of accessories that can be used to decorate with flowers of a different and creative way

The latest styles in floral decoration

After having seen in countless magazines and fairs interior decoration, we have no doubt, natural style is fashionable. Ecology makes the leap to the decoration of the house and makes it in many different ways, either through pieces made from recycled materials, designs that mimic organic forms that are present...

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