A plant of essential season for the lovers of the flowers. Discover this geranium thinking here

5 seasonal flower plants to live the summer

Although it is possible to enjoy flowers all year round, it is true that there are times that lend themselves even more. Without a doubt, one of them is summer. That moment in which, thanks to seasonal plants , we can savor more and better the sunny days. The ones...

Banks are some types of furniture that should feature in a garden

What are the Best Garden Furniture?

Garden furniture to be resistant to different environmental temperatures, especially in the hot sun, rain and the calm of the morning is recommended. The furnishings allow you to comfortably enjoy your garden, especially in summer and spring. Then leave some very important tips, so you know I choose the best...

build a garden on the terrace or balcony should be considered if it will be very exposed to winds

Vertical Urban Gardens: How To Arm Them, Spaces and Materials

A small courtyard, a terrace, a balcony or even just a wall, are places suitable to build a small garden to produce a number of vegetables, fruit or vegetables. To do this, homeowners do not need to have great knowledge of agriculture, and also has several design alternatives and materials...

The small domestic gardens also deserve a special look

Garden Decoration ideas

With the arrival of the first heat it is impossible to think of the arrival of summer and you can spend pleasant evenings in the garden. Of course it deserves a renewal since the landscaping of these areas makes the perfect environment to enjoy the summer evenings. The small domestic...

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