decoration of the walls

7 ideas to decorate the wall

The decoration of the walls can acquire the main role in a project to renovate a room in the house. In that case, those ideas that enhance the aesthetics of this area of ​​the house can help you materialize this proposal at a decorative level. 1. Wall clock Time is...

we give you some ideas of flowers to beautify the house during this time.

6 flowers to decorate the house in autumn

The decoration with flowers and plants enchants those who occupy a part of their time with gardening tasks. In turn, each season of the year also has the context of seasonal flowers. 1. Daisies This is an example of a simple flower that lives a particularly prominent moment during this...

Four reasons to decorate the house with flowers in spring

Four reasons to decorate the house with flowers in spring

The lure of spring invites you to observe the landscape from the perspective of a new renaissance. It is the rebirth of nature that, in turn, also invites you to reinvent yourself. Nature is the main protagonist of the lifestyle thanks to plans that connect with outdoor spaces and outdoor...

What to give a lover of decoration at Christmas

Things to give a lover of decoration at Christmas

Christmas is a time of year when gifts and surprises connect with unique emotional experiences. The decoration sector offers an insatiable catalog of options to surprise someone who loves this theme. What can you give a decoration lover at Christmas or at any other time of the year? A decoration...

Christmas decoration trends 2018

What are the decoration trends for Christmas 2018

Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of the year for those who enjoy a party marked by good wishes, friendship, family and home. The house is dressed in a thematic decoration that connects with the essence of these dates. In this way, the ornamental details also become an...

This is one of the types of trends with the most personality

4 advantages of industrial decoration style

One of the great styles of interior design is that which permeates an industrial aesthetic in every corner of the house. This is one of the types of trends with the most personality. An example of creativity that shapes a home with a unique identity. What are the advantages of...

Wallpaper helps us design different corners, full of style and charm

The advantages of using wallpaper to decorate

When we think about renovating the walls of our house we have several options. We can paint them or also place wallpaper . Today I want to talk to you about this alternative and together we discover the advantages of using it in the decoration of our house. I invite...

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