There are some corners of the home in which it is very beneficial to place mirrors

How to choose and place mirrors according to Feng Shui

Do you want luck to accompany you during this new year? You can try to decorate your home following the principles of Feng Shui , an ancient philosophy from China that is based on creating harmonious environments so that these have a positive influence on people. We can not assure...

we like most about the collection are its animals wooden can find a fox, a squirrel, a bird

Trending Christmas Ornaments Collection

As you say? What has not yet decorated your home for Christmas? Do not worry! We are ready to help. And it is that beyond offer lots of tips and ideas, we have already presented the collections of ornaments of many companies: IKEA, and many more… Today we want to...

A very elegant way to introduce the green mind is through accessories

6 ideas to bring green mint decoration into your home

The colors are essential in home decoration. We help create emotions and become a fundamental part of our personality expression. Today we want to stop at the mint decoration, a shade of green inspired mint leaves, although there are many variations that we can find this tone in many ways...

Luxury Curtains design ideas and photos

Luxury curtains collection

With the desire of many users and decorators an exclusive and authentic atmosphere, they come to innovate fabulous luxurious curtains which although they are not adaptable to all types of homes, whether they serve in spaces shaped vault and houses with high ceilings. Usually, the luxurious curtains are made ​​of...

Stunning New Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tre

Christmas trees decorated with flowers

By now you’ve probably already decorated your Christmas tree. Many families placed in the living room or dining room from the first week of December, so is this article could make you start from scratch, although there is always the possibility of creating a gap for the star complement hand....

How To Hang Fabric as Wallpaper Fabric Walls on Pinterest

Fabric walls Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels

The challenge of top attraction in relation to the canvas walls, based on a configuration total coverage which jeopardizes the practicality and functionality of the entire area, allowing the passage of time , acquire the same striking that as if they were completely new designs. Thus it arises as a...

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