It is available in many colors : For many it is the greatest advantage, since when choosing a color for the walls

Advantages and disadvantages of vinyl painting

Of all the types of painting that exist, the most popular of all is usually plastic painting, which in turn is divided between acrylic and vinyl . Of this last one I will speak to you next so that you know its advantages and disadvantages, since on the basis of...

These paints are able to guarantee the durability of soil while the waterproof and provide color in the termination thereof

Floor paint for terraces

The terraced floor paints fulfill a dual function both decorative and protective, which can be used to give a renewal of soils exterior paints that are suitable for both cement and concrete, tiles, slabs and even stones. These paints are able to guarantee the durability of soil while the waterproof...

modify the dimensions of your home and enhance all types atmospheres

Ideas for painting walls with colors

Want to give a change of air to your home? For one of the best ways to do that is by painting the walls. Besides it is being a simpler and cheaper option than others, as do works or change the furniture, you can get great results, because depending on...

The office furniture should also combine with the colors

Color to paint a home office

Having a home office is now a necessity and one of the spaces that you give more importance especially if you are dedicated to telework. In the office you do all your work activities and so it is a place where tranquility, concentration and idea generation needs to be enhanced....

The orange color is especially interesting in Feng Shui for the home

Feng Shui colors for a better start of New Year 2013

If you could see the colors that best wishes attract, others can be considered contradictory to the energy of your home and it would also be good to know. No colors are “bad” because nothing is absolutely good or bad but you should take into account their peculiarities when using...

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