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Warm or cool colors depends on how to display your room, the warm colors like orange

What colors to paint for a cool wall?

If decorating is a comprehensive work, redecorating is a real challenge. For any of these tasks the walls colors you choose is very important, because in reality the color and different hues are what most change rooms or areas of the house. Are you moving through this challenge and have...

Paint and coatings how to be eco friendly

Paint and coatings: how to be eco friendly

Traditional paints contain highly toxic substances such as solvents, pigments and other compounds. The pigments are generally made with latex resins, natural oils with volatile organic compounds, which affect the atmosphere and human health by attacking the respiratory tract, skin, eyes and other body areas. Some time ago, there have begun...

How to decorate with patterns

How to decorate with patterns

A fun and easy way to decorate your home is using printed patterns, either with flowers, stripes or polka dots. Combine stamped with the rest of the colors of the room and the furniture that is basic to achieve harmony and your home look modern and vibrant and not as...