One of the most important furniture of the room is the sofa

Furniture to decorate small apartments

Furnishing small apartments are extremely common task today. Because of the proliferation of cities, there are fewer meters to build. In addition, families are smaller than a few decades ago. In fact, today there are few parents who decide to spend the couple. Of course, also influenced by the crisis,...

Folding beds for small rooms Dormitory for young

Folding beds for small rooms

The use of space is a constant in the big cities, where you settle into increasingly tight environments. The folding beds are therefore a great solution, not just for sleeping, but for all kinds of environments. Students living in studio apartments, offices where you need a place to rest, living...

Ideas for organizing shoes in small spaces

Ideas for organizing shoes in small spaces

There are plenty of ways to organize shoes. In fact here in Dreamy Apartment we have shown several. Cabinets, shelves, racks, drawers and many other storage systems that are used to keep your loved shoes but not always have time, ingenuity and space to organize well.   For all that...

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