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Cave of the Greens: The impressive volcanic cave

A place to dream, it is the Cave of the Greens , when on a splendid holiday, it is a dream place, surrounded by a fully volcanic landscape, so as to contemplate a natural monument located in Lanzarote of Spain, forming a natural attraction to share with all your family and friends who are focused on enjoying a trip completely different to what they are accustomed.

The impressive volcanic cave known as Cueva de los Verdes is an amazing must for everyone who visits Lanzarote

The whole of the landscape represents an essential icon of the city, in order to contextualize a striking point even for those who have a much more demanding perspective , as far as travel is concerned .

Around the visit to the cave of the Greens , you will be part of the protagonists that make an excellent perception from the entrance of the island, for the whole length, ensuring that you take the best photographs yourself and thus be able to remember those lovely moments , doing That you want to return during all your rest days .

The cave of the Greens , stretches for more than 10 kilometers, determining many attractions as well as 16 jameos which are the openings, which provide access to all its routes and thus make the journey from the volcanic cone, directly to the Sea that forms part of all its space.


The original origin of the cave of the Greens , power that you see the activity of the volcano of the Crown , that shows a contradictory cooling, that is perceived thanks to the solidification of the lava with the ambient air.

Enjoy all the qualities that encourages this landscape in and out of the cave, manifesting a luxury vacation option, to take advantage of all perspectives , either alone or with your family and friends who want to complement the moments they have given them to Relax for a few days.

The name of the cave of the Greens , has been implanted with the same one because the first owners that inhabited within her, was the Greens family , certainly.

The stay of this cave, was the space that previously could shelter, to many populations while there were attacks corsairs , denoting a beauty in all its extension, ideal to take advantage in your vacations.

All visitors so far given in the Cave of the Greens , have been perfected by all tourists from around the world, ensuring to have a kilometer of galleries, all absolute perception of sections that have many levels, with colors and different Light entrances , which make this place a point to visit, all year round.

Its conformation oxidized in many points, refer to structures full of iron, light and filtered salt water between many of its areas.

It counts at the same time, with a tunnel that extends to more than 1500 meters under the sea, known as Tunnel of the Atlándida, being in turn, another of the icons that can not go unnoticed during your trip to this captivating place inside from Spain.

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