Ceramics plant designs of Whitney Smith

Although men endeavor to innovate and create new things, it is undeniable that never expire and mother nature earth supreme designer that may surprise both simple and elegant designs, even with the most outrageous and colorful creations. And this is precisely than any human design inspired by nature, it can not be successful unless, as in the case of ceramics Whitney Smith.

Ceramics plant designs colorful creations by Whitney Smith

As you can see in the photos, the creations of this American craft are based on several overlapping plates or bowls, which together simulate vegetation composition of various types of plants and flowers, which can range from the perfect symmetry of lotuses and water lilies, until the delicate composition of roses and buttercups.

Each of these compositions ceramic vegetable inspired consist of between 5 and 8 bowls, each smaller than the last, and that together perfectly simulate a plant, its edges arrive at exactly the same height, so that can be found from large, deep bowls (the base) to small dishes, such as the tip.

Colorful Ceramics designs creations by Whitney Smith

It is this variety of sizes from the same collection of bowls that make the ceramics plant Whitney Smith a perfect choice for use in any cocktail to serve all kinds of snacks, in a very elegant and original. And, of course, when not in use, these ceramics are a great and exquisite object of decoration to adorn any room in the home.

These ceramics can be purchased through several online craft store, or through signature stores West Elm, which has chosen to integrate the original creations of artisans to their collections.

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