Choose a good barbecue- Barbecue fixed, mobile and portable

It is summer and it is nice! The aroma of a sausage and a grilled steak tickles your nose. Why not buy a barbecue and share it with your family and friends?

Choose a good barbecue- Barbecue fixed, mobile and portable

The barbecue is available in various models and can be used in the outside yard, in the garden or inside the house. Outdoor barbecues are fixed, mobile and portable. The barbecue set consists of a structure of brick, stone or concrete cell and a metal fireplace. It has the advantage of integrating into an outdoor kitchen with a work plan and others. The mobile barbecue is equipped with wheels to move at will, the portable barbecue is equipped with high feet.

Upon purchase, you can opt for a mobile or portable grill in stainless steel or enameled or cast iron. Excellent quality, steel grill is lightweight and convenient. The enameled steel barbecue, however, is very resistant to shocks and do not like frequent changes in temperature and sudden. Fragile, cast iron grill retains heat very well, however his material makes heavy. The barbecue sets requires the installation of a trap the ash and fire for the evacuation of the smoke.


Criteria to consider when buying a barbecue

Fed with a barbecue charcoal, wood, gas and electricity. While cooking on charcoal and wood is long enough, grilled foods with these fuels are particularly tasty. Control of the ignition of wood requires some practice. The gas grill takes little time and cooking is always uniform, it is also easy to adjust the temperature according to his needs. Grill electricity takes time, however, should the urban apartment dwellers.

To choose a barbecue, it is necessary to consider the space you have in your garden or inside your home, the frequency of use estimated, the number of servings to each grill for use or the number of people to serve, favorite food, maintenance required by the selected type of barbecue and the budget. So, if you just love the grill, just buy a simple barbecue. If you have a large yard, you invite your family and friends frequently, install a fixed BBQ.

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