Ideas And Tips To Clean The House With Vinegar

Cleaning the house with vinegar is one of those things that you have always underestimated. Maybe it is because you believe that many products on the market are much more powerful and effective than this natural product. Lemon, baking soda, salt and vinegar are great allies for household cleaning, deodorizing and degreasing of great power and, above all, that allow you to do the cleaning in the house, save money, and ensuring safety even in the presence of small children. The only secret is to know how to use!

Let’s see how the vinegar can keep your house clean and how you can use its great sanitizing power to fight the most common bacteria present in the domestic environment: salmonella, the Escherichia coli and other gram-negative bacteria, responsible for many infections including pneumonia, blood infections and meningitis.

use white vinegar but apple is suitable for cleaning the iron

So here are some ideas and tips to use vinegar to clean the house perfectly and environmentally friendly.

In the bathroom as anti-scaling agent

Heat a pan on the flame containing vinegar, without letting it burn. Take a few drops with a sponge and clean the taps encrusted with limescale. In second step, make dry with a clean dry cloth.

If the deposits are very persistent, you need to soak the grids of the taps and the shower head directly in vinegar, let it work for up to 24 hours. The limestone will dissolve like magic!

A good solution to clean, however, will be to prepare a spray containing half water and half vinegar. With a sponge, wash your ceramics after spraying the solution and then with pure water, then drying with a clean dry cloth.

The same solution applies to the windows and chandeliers that you care to dry with a lint-free cloth. The shower then return resplendent with the use of a sponge soaked from the rough side of pure vinegar which is then rinsed and dried thoroughly, first with a cloth dampened with water and then with a dry one.

In the kitchen as a degreasing agent and ally to the refrigerator

To clean the whole kitchen and shelves, just pass a cloth soaked in a solution of warm vinegar with pure water and then wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Water and vinegar are an excellent degreaser and deodorizer for the fridge. Use once a week, with a cloth soaked in the solution.

The most valuable furniture of the house is not painted, new light will be passed with a soft cloth dipped in some olive oil and vinegar. Carpet degreased and deodorised and shiny enough to vacuum and then a cloth soaked in white vinegar to rub along the direction of the nap.

The rest of the house

To perfectly clean the lacquered wood of the furniture of the hall, you must pass a cloth soaked in warm water and vinegar, following the grain of the wood and then wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

As for the floors, the tiles will be adding shining in half a bucket of hot water, vinegar and a few drops of essence of your favorite flavor. Once dry, the acrid smell of vinegar will disappear, giving way only to the scent of the essence.

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