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Clean room is a room specially designed for low levels of contamination. These rooms must be strictly controlled environmental parameters: air particles, temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure inside, lighting.

Cleanroom is a room specially designed for low levels of contamination

One disadvantage of the clean room is the high cost of implementation and operation, which restricts its use to large scale industries.

A clean room is desirable (though often unaffordable) for the manufacture of plastic surgical material, but in the case of alloys and semiconductors equipment, it is often necessary because of the control in this material have all the desired properties depend on their performance.

Cleanroom is a room specially designed for low levels of contamination

Characteristics of the design of clean rooms: Some of the safety systems that prevent the material to be worked display contaminated by microorganisms from the environment are:

  • The air that enters the laboratory is sterile as it has been filtered to remove particulate matter and microorganisms. It is completely renewed several times an hour not to collect dust.
  • The rooms are kept at a pressure level slightly above the outside, so that when the doors open the air out and can not get fresh air, contaminated with microorganisms.
  • The walls are covered with vinyl and the corners are rounded, to avoid accumulation of dirt.
  • Only sink in the room validation, to prevent entry of microorganisms in the production area.
  • Operators must wear special suits for not carrying pollutants or generate dust particles.
  • The locks keep the pressure differences between rooms and isolated from the outside.
  • In the cleanroom HEPA filters are used to retain particles.

The clean room emerged simultaneously in two specific areas: the hospital and weapons systems and had a rapid application development of microelectronics. Imposed very rapidly in the manufacture of semiconductor requiring controlled environments especially under the terms of purity and air quality. Industry has also found such a tool room to develop their research and new processes.

You can define the clean rooms, clean rooms and rooms specially designed to achieve low levels of pollution through strict control of environmental parameters such as air particulates, temperature, humidity, airflow, air pressure inside, and so on. To do both walls, air conditioning and staff involved in the processes must be designed and/or for non-educated generation of pollution.

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