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Color to paint a home office

Having a home office is now a necessity and one of the spaces that you give more importance especially if you are dedicated to telework. In the office you do all your work activities and so it is a place where tranquility, concentration and idea generation needs to be enhanced. The color to paint an office are part of the elements that promote this activity greatly and become more or less pleasant.

Colors to decorate the home office for telework

The office has an inspiration that look great as well as to invite you to work. Here you have some tips about colors to decorate a home office so you do not hesitate and take the brush as you need at this time.

Colors to decorate the office

The offices tend to become boring places and not having to be serious really well. Do not fear the colors to decorate an office because there are no location settings. These must accompany your intentions and make you feel pleasure.

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If your office lacks good lighting, you have to opt for light colors, while if it is clear by the large influx of natural light that fills, you’ll look the greatest saturations. In an average can choose either intense bright shades that look good in either case. The important thing is to inspire you as the work you do in this room.

The deeper colors you put behind your desk, as a background to the work area clear about compensating other. If you have a large office, you will be able to put two very bright colored walls, but if it is a small office don’t not abuse then.

Another way to enhance creative tasks is especially intense colors placed in front of the work area when this coincides with the wall, that is, when your office desk is against the wall and perpendicular to this course. Some studies claim that if the work is a lot of concentration, the best, although the intensities, is used quiet colors like green, blue, gray and its variations.

The office furniture should also combine with the colors

Colors for furniture

The office furniture should also combine with the colors so as to integrate into space. Usually, the furniture has a lot of metal, but the work surfaces should be clear not to interfere in the concentration or neutral colors. You can have the office table in white, black or gray, but no more than that will have undesirable side effects. Since the chair and other furniture can be the colors you want as the decor you have as long as the work chair ensures you much comfort. It is the most important.

Work has to be an activity for you at all pleasant. You have to feel calm and focused on what you do. Only you will know the kind of feelings you need but I am convinced that these will not fail.

How about these ideas of color to paint a home office?

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