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Concrete floors Decoration Ideas

For many, the concrete floors are one of best options, because they have high resistance to injuries that could participate in their structure as well as maintain a unique sense of spaciousness and comfort, instantly you will not want to leave side. Industrial environment provides a very eccentric style and preserves decorative details that make concrete floors a distinctly innovative spirit. Enjoy each and every one of the advantages they offer, regardless of the home, exposing a very optimal industrial air to discover all its points positive, certainly.

Benefits to Concrete Floors for Everyday Living


While the concrete floors are considered coatings granulated cement where you can apply any pigment and get custom finishes, according to your own preferences and also, as the rest of the decor.  You can combine concrete floors both wood and concrete, tile characteristics as trendsetters in the entire area, leaving a feeling thoroughly enjoyable during the stay and also for the simple sight. Such coatings are special because of its incompatibility with fissures, revealing a perfectionist than you think you look..

Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors - Flooring

For its part, the floors can reflect various points in your favor as the inability to moisture and heat, leaving a dry and appreciate good weather environment in any season.

Likewise, concrete floors are considered indestructible and that do not deteriorate over time and give an impression of tiling perceptual very great when striking ornamental accentuate the area. That is why is known to be one of the most durable floors that help your house look like new despite the passage of time, successfully.

You can choose between concrete floors prefabricated or also known as installable, those cast concrete, which for a conviction of its use, should harden rhythmically until the age of 0 ° C where the concrete does solidify and make your installation, process simple mechanism unlimited duration.

With concrete floors , you can structure visible ornaments with spectacular combination of glass and marble to quartz accessories very applicable to modern techniques outstanding today.

Each of the finishes that enhance the concrete floors, choose a glimpse into different classes, always in order to beautify the whole of your home, without major types of investments. Another beneficial aspects of concrete floors is that they can slip feel, with a captivating brightness and a matte refining, which draws attention to many decorative requirements.

If you choose those concrete floors Ironing be a good idea to work it manually, especially if it is in small areas. If it’s very amplified places, you must use an element known as helicopter makes the soil has greater smoothness and a mirror shine not envy.

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