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Cork and effect paper, two trendy decoration ideas

Cork or the art of multifunctionality

Cork has always been known to cover the wine bottles. In its original spirit loyalty, the British Sebastian Bergne declined in the base for his glasses (Cork Stem glass full), placing it directly to the bottom of the glasses. The designer used the same method for the production of its wine decanter.

Cork and effect paper, two trendy decoration ideas

Today, cork and skin changes can dress up the floors of houses. This is the material of choice for lovers of natural flooring. In addition to its insulating properties and constants, it provides a rustic and warm a room. It marries well with all natural decorations such as wood, with light colors, including white cream.

Cork can be found on unashamedly decorative items, small furniture table and dishes. Marie-Christine Dorner, this material is available in racks in warming trays or design candleholders. For Fleux, cork is present on the trays, bread baskets, suspensions or stools for children … The natural cork side no doubt delight the minds environmentalists.


The effect paper, an idea which cases

In terms of eco-design deco, designers do not fail to innovate. To design the bottle greenhouse Trash Me “egg boxes”, American Victor Vetterlein has used paper pulp, a material very difficult. This very green lamp design will remind you that living in a “green world” is accessible to all. Also, offer a place on your desktop.

Raw-Edges Londoners have opted for the effect crumpled paper for the manufacture of their stools TWB. These stools of ash have been built and upholstered in a very special way for them to have a clean look to the paper: with all the pleats. You will be amazed! Know that you can easily sit on the stools.

The Dutch Scholten & Baijings surprise you even more with their dishes named “Porcelain Paper”, created in a style similar to origami. Their impression of folded cardboard, cups as plates are elegant. The plates are like as two peas in disposable plates we use for picnics. But of course they are sound.

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