How to create a beautiful rooftop garden

The space on the roofs is fantastic to create different spaces, depending on the style you want. Considering this, we decided to give you the best ideas and guidelines for a rooftop garden, a resource that can help you have a space of peace for yourself in your own home.


Should you have a garden on your roof? Having a rooftop garden of your own is always a great idea, as it allows us to have a quiet space, grow our own food or simply have a green space that is sometimes needed in our homes.

But in reality, having a garden depends on a few more things that we can believe at first, so this article tells you what to consider.

Best rooftop gardens ideas

If you decide to have one of these beautiful gardens on your roof, do not forget to take into account the following very important things.

The first thing that you should analyze is if you can put a garden, since many buildings have already assigned certain spaces or destinations and doing something like a green roof can go against its guidelines. Better to ask the area manager or building to avoid problems.

At this point it is a good idea to find a specialist or do an objective and complete analysis on the roof, as it is important to see how much shade and light gives the available space and other details such as humidity and extension, so you can plant or Flowers according to what you can use.

Once obtained the authorization and analyzed the land, it is time to get the material , as it is now when it outlines how your garden will remain on the roof. You can use pots, containers and form the shapes you want with them; Experiment with various types of pots and locations until you find the one that gets the effect you want. Do not forget to get organic seeds so that your garden be impeccable.

Rooftop Garden Ideas and Garden Design

Now, one of the most important characteristics that you must respect is the form of irrigation that you use. Each architectural structure has certain requirements that you can use as a drip irrigation or make it manual, as automatic showers can damage the structure by causing so much moisture in the roof.

With these simple guidelines you can start your garden and gradually build your own green space. These are just the most basic guidelines for having a rooftop garden, which of these have served you the most? Tell us in the comments.

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