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Creative ideas small storage strategies to save money

Sometimes the desire to have everything sorted we spend more money in the account storage systems thinking that we will be much more orderly home, but the reality is that we can save money and can use ingenuity to create new storage strategies with things we already have at home. So if you are a person that you do not realize you have more articles at home and it’s time to open your eyes!

There are many things that surround you in your own home that can help you to storage, but yes, you have to use them differently than for which they are designed. Then I will explain some creative storage ideas for saving money with things you already have at home do not miss!
Another great for all your small earrings or rings do not know where to save
The vases

If you have more vases account at home and not have all flowers that adorn your home, you can use objects of decoration but with use of storage! To do this you can use it for example to store cookware, your makeup brushes, pencils or remote controls … the you use it depends on the size of the jar or vase!

The curtain hooks shower

Perhaps you want to change the shower curtain by a screen and think that engaging the curtain rings on the bar you no longer will be needed anymore, so you’re thinking of throwing them away prevents the momentum! Because these hooks (or rings) of shower curtain beads you can come to hang in your closet or wherever you want to hang your scarves or handkerchiefs!

Classifier jewelry

If you need a classifier bracelets or necklaces you should not spend more money on sophisticated account jewelers. Sometimes you only need hooks or racks for the bathroom or in the place where you want to place these gems. Another idea that also goes very well is to place your bracelets and necklaces in your toilet paper dispenser , but of course, you must have a metal bar.

Cube trays

Another great for all your small earrings or rings do not know where to save, idea is to get a tray of ice cubes do not use it and use it as a tray jewelry. You definitely get a very affordable place to store your small jewelry and always keep on hand. To not run the risk of it falling to the ground, you can save it in a drawer.

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