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Cute Solutions for small and cramped kitchens

Small and narrow kitchens can be just as practical, functional and comfortable than any larger kitchen. I would even say that small and narrow kitchens can become much more functional than any other kitchen. The reason for this statement so bold is easy; because the smaller the space, the greater should be the wits to find the best solutions.

But also seems that only large kitchens can be cozy kitchens and this is not true at all. A kitchenette and narrow can also be an important room in the house and that she also serves as a meeting place for the family, and it seems that in addition to the living room kitchens are also used for the most important meeting place for cooking but also confidences. Are you okay? Today I want to give some solutions to small and narrow kitchens I hope you take advantage of to make you realize that your kitchen can bring you much more than you think right now.

The lighting in a small, cramped kitchen is essential, so you must not miss the natural lighting.

Think distribution

The first thing you have to consider to find the best solutions for your kitchen is small and narrow thinking about how you want the distribution. This point is key to succeed in the most important; How do you want your kitchen? For example, if your kitchen is square or rectangular shape of L will come from scandal (I guess this is not the case), however if you want to shorten the distance between different areas have to opt for the U-shape, ideal for a narrow kitchen.


As we assume that your kitchen is small, you should keep in mind that you will not have to install too many items so it is imperative that you stick to what you really need and we bases often “less is more”. The amount of storage systems depend on which you live individuals at home but the furniture must be only the indispensable.

Also, I advise such prescindas walls in closed cabinets or storage of closed wall, is you’ll probably go for open shelves or cabinets for that greater feeling of spaciousness . Another great idea is to use wall storage systems, secured with bars so you can place eg your dishes or accessories you need.

If you do not know where to find these storage systems on the wall in any furniture store you’ll find it, but since you advance in Ikea you’ll find great ideas.

In addition, you will get the most out of closets to be able to maximize their capacity. Some ideas are: rotating shelves, removable baskets, sliding drawers, etc.


The colors for close and kitchenette must be colors that bring light and openness so it is you’ll probably go for those lighter or soft hues. For example pastel shades are a good choice in combination with white.

White as the dominant color never fails in small or narrow spaces because you can visually feel that the space is much broader and feel much better within the room. But if you like bright vibrant colors or more do not have to do without them even less! You can use them but always in small doses, like colors of details and little else.

Take corners

If you see that your kitchen has small holes, do not hesitate to use them with some small auxiliary furniture and even a phenomenal idea is to create a piece of furniture tailored to take advantage of every inch. Those places that seem to no avail, can be the perfect place for a great pantry or to store cleaning products. Or a nice table with a chair!


The lighting in a small, cramped kitchen is essential, so you must not miss the natural lighting. If the characteristics of the kitchen you can not have natural light , then you have to appreciate a good distribution of lights on the ceiling to find a similar effect and it will be just as cozy kitchen.

Anything soil

Being a small and narrow kitchen you should avoid putting things on the floor, for example buckets or bins, you will achieve only reduce the bit rate you have and create greater feeling cramped. The paper best stored in a cupboard and no display.

What more solutions you think are important to small and narrow kitchens?

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