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Dare the dark to bring a touch of elegance to your home

Dare the dark to bring a touch of elegance to your home

Few people dare to take the black to decorate the house. However, this color symbolizes the elegance and refinement.

Although it was little used in the past, the dark is one of the trendy colors for the interior design today. It evokes not only the modern and luxurious, but also daring, because few people dare to adopt it. Like the white, black color remains a mystery. Almost never used to paint the walls, black furniture and ready decorations in contemporary style. For a chic interior, choose black furniture or tables where black dominates. As for the decoration of the ground, if you chose a black tile, enhance the decor of the room with furniture, brown, gray or white. If you want to have a baroque, choose the colors blue and gold that blend perfectly with the dark. You should know however, that the dark is not recommended for small parts or too dark.

The dark in the kitchen

Choose a textured black and white that will brighten your kitchen. For this, the checkerboard pattern is perfect black and white. The decoration shops rely heavily on tables and checkered floor tiles black and white . If your kitchen has only two colors, the motif plays a major role in decorating. Enhance your kitchen with stainless steel utensils. This alloy provides a very contemporary touch to your kitchen. In addition, stainless steel is timeless and elegant. If you think these items overpriced, select fixtures and utensils made of this steel. Choose reflective glass at the layout of your kitchen. Do not hesitate to put a mirror in the kitchen cabinets or accessories counter for a contemporary design. If your kitchen has a great light in the middle of the room, color shelves and counters in white. Light up the contrast created by the black and white of the room by a lamp recessed lighting or chandeliers.


Some tips to avoid the total look

The colors used must match the appearance one wishes to give its interior. Thus, natural materials such as linen, leather and natural wood give your home a sober and refined. If you opt for black leather furniture, for example, choose brightly colored cushions to break the austerity of the setting. Remember that lighting is important to complete your decor. So, go for the Japanese lamps or Christmas lights for example. It is also smart to use black as the variations of gray, charcoal, slate, etc.. to avoid the total look. For flooring, consider alternating matte and shiny materials.

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