Decorate the kitchen with hoods

Until recently the hoods were not at all aesthetic but given the importance they have in the kitchens of every home design has been modified to achieve hoods really nice and they fit perfectly with the decor of the room. A hood must always be present, is as important as a sink, a refrigerator and even cooking fires.

Currently the bells may transmit elegance to a kitchen, but to get it you have to choose the one hood that fits better with the decor, to the personality of people from home and especially with the functionality and style of life that has . Today I want to talk about some important aspects that you should consider to choose wisely your hood and also decorate the kitchen with hoods.
The functional materials are usually better stainless steel or glass
The type

To choose the type of hood you’ll have to consider that differ by how it works as a make over and other aspirations through filters. Usually installed recessed in furniture just above the cooking place and who thus spend more unnoticed, but you can also find bells installed on the wall, pendants and bells to be installed as an island in the kitchen.


Aesthetic you choose your extractor have to think first about the decor you have in your kitchen with hoods, why not be the same pick a bell for a rustic kitchen or vintage than another in a minimalist style. You’ll have to choose the model sucker for finding the balance and harmony of stay , since in today’s market you can find many designs, sizes and even different materials, so you have a wide range in choice according to your kitchen and your budget.

Simple but elegant

Hoods I’ve always thought it fit well in all kitchens are those with simple lines but still the decor of the room. The functional materials are usually better stainless steel or glass because they are sturdy and elegant materials besides.

Further advice I give you is that with current technology, if you introduce a sucker in your home, do it with models that provide you besides cleaning the air … silence to your home. There are models that barely make a sound and will go great with your quality of life.

By Lohan

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