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Decorate the house with beach style

Taking advantage is spring and summer is getting closer, DreamyApartment want to offer some tips to get you started to wear every corner of the house with the best of summer.

Sun, beach, vacation, terraces … Get ready to fill your home with summer spirit with the help of appropriate furniture and accessories. From colors to prints, textiles and aromas, the summer decoration is characterized by bright, spacious, fresh and very natural touch spaces.


As on previous occasions, in DreamyApartment want to remind the importance of colors to decorate. Due to its characteristics, the summer decor supports different shades, from pure white to the fluorine nuclear colors to fill the house with vitality and energy.
advantage of sunlight in your decor with large windows and a good organization of your furniture should be directed to these points of light

Shorebirds decorations should also be present in your decor

It all depends on the type of room you want to create. For example, a harmonious and fresh space-based soft and cozy colors to chill out rooms, or a more striking power to recharge your rooms hues.

The prints

Along with the colors, another trend that can not miss in your home are the prints. In this sense, the textiles are the stars. Carpets, cushions, curtains, bedding and other textiles to decorate the house with floral patterns and prints as tropical palm trees.

Shorebirds decorations should also be present in your decor, are naturally talking about the maritime motifs. Patterns of stripes in blue and white, plus nautical details like boats, anchors and other accessories with the sea as inspiration.

Natural materials

Another good idea to fill the house with air shorebirds are the natural elements which are a must of course materials such as wood and wicker. Furniture and accessories that bring warmth to the house and are inspired by materials found in nature, such as fir wood and bamboo, among others.

These materials are a very common resource in decorations such as the Mediterranean style where nature and spring environments are very protagonists.

Another great feature of the shirt decoration is usually open and bright. So do not forget to take advantage of sunlight in your decor with large windows and a good organization of your furniture should be directed to these points of light.

Of course, do not forget to choose the right textiles to let the sunlight and to provide freshness to your summer decor key. Naturally we are referring to light textiles like cotton, silk and linen.

Outdoor Life

These fabrics are a great choice for a beach house, which also can not miss the outdoor environments. The terraces, garden and porch are very important parts of your home, especially when the good weather.

So maximizes these rooms and decorate with furniture and appropriate accessories. That is, candles and lanterns to gain intimacy when night, cushions and poufs to enjoy your outdoor comfort, and furniture made with wrought iron and iron that are stylish and very resistant arrives.

Of course, another very important element in your house are natural flowers that will help give the final touch to your home. But besides decorating, you’ll get your corners flavored with your favorite fragrances.

In short, the secret of a beach decor in natural elements, and bright open spaces and decoration in marine key. Do you sign?

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