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Decorating Bathrooms for Children

To decorate a bathroom for children you must follow a few simple guidelines that were explained here with a series of photos that illustrate perfectly.

Decorating Bathrooms for Children

The first relates to color. To differentiate a bath of an adult child possibly the proper use of color is the key. The necessary elements in both will be always the same, but introduce large amounts of color, as in this case, where colored stripes are applied in the wall that is free on the socket and serving on the shelf storage, defines a single character to look childish.

The shelf is adjacent to the tub and keep the common object of this bathroom is painted in different colors in each of its “cells”. The effect is very happy and like a good idea to apply even on the shelf of any children’s bedroom.

Ensure that children can access the bathroom without your help that also seems important. With a simple stool, or a wooden step that you also get to go to help for grooming.

Decorating Bathrooms for Children

In the picture below, you see how the decoration is centered on the child. The walls are painted black to offset the same while the floor is in a white tone. This bathroom does not have much furniture in it, but some accessories. The center is the toilet, in which you can see on the wall a decoration of an octopus painted several pictures hanging on the wall itself. In one corner you see a TV that does look very attractive to the bathroom for children. The carpets and decorated the tree help to complete the decor, not to mention the dividing curtain and blue bathing.

Decorating Bathrooms for Children

In the picture below, you see how the children’s bathroom has a more subtle decor. Decor is based on white and opaque blue tone. It has a small wooden bench for the child to perform personal hygiene without problems. On the sink has 2 mirrors with good lighting, together with carpets in the same arm a beautiful decorated bathrooms for children.

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