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Decorating ideas: Tips to decorate the room with green color shades

The green decor is a sign of peace, balance, hope and life. It is natural to feel comfortable when you are in touch with this beautiful color, representative of the intrinsic nature: both forests, to a lesser extent, parks and gardens. In this paper you will refer to how you can have a bit of Mother Nature in your home in a simple and practical.

Tips to dress your department color of hope

Green warm and cold color shades

With a wide range of possibilities, adaptable to every taste and style in particular. The color shades of green near the yellow (so-called “warm colors”) convey a bright and dynamic atmosphere (reflecting good natural light). By contrast, those who come to the blue range (so-called “cold colors”) are more appropriate for a serious and elegant atmosphere.
An excellent resource to achieve one of two atmospheres, is to paint a single wall in this color. If you have a desktop, you will locate a computer, which supports the wall can be painted the same warm color as this color shades also helps ease eye strain.

Soft and dark Green Shine

It can also opt to choose soft or pastel color shades, to the middle range, other extreme color cards, darker.
When choosing a pastel look it is usually mild and enlightened generate atmospheres, such as small nursery or children’s play rooms.

But if what you want is to decorate a room with the intention of passing a balanced atmosphere, dark colors are what you need, this is the best option for a living.

Saturation in the different areas of the house.

In the bedroom green is a stimulating color and generator of optimism, as well as relaxing. Then, when painting a bedroom, a good idea to choose a light green color, combining it with your bedding and room decor items (vases, lamps, etc). Remember not to generate a visual fatigue, you can mix a color that makes a difference with the same (e.g. white) will generate a warm and comfortable. How could combine? Use simple white curtains, light fabric, to stop spending as much light as possible, it could help get that feeling of vitality unimaginable.


You are facing a color that stomps into the kitchen this season. A kitchen, painted green, conveys a sense of cleanliness and neatness. If you want to emphasize this effect can combine with some plants that could then be used to cook like thyme or basil. A totally refreshing and practice, did put to the test?

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