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Decorating interior design of Carpets and textiles in Moroccan style

The eastern decorative styles have become very popular for their conjugation between extravaganza, nature and balance. The best known are the Chinese style decorating interior design, Japanese styles and Indian style decor.

Decorating interior design of Carpets and textiles in Moroccan style

But there are other decorating interior design and styles worthy of carrying your homes for their color, like the Moroccan style. Here are five points you achieve essential to decorate your home in Moroccan style.

Decorating interior design of Carpets and textiles in Moroccan style

The colors of Moroccan style

The first thing to consider is the color palette to be used, which is unusual warming. Moroccan style usually placed very strong colors on the walls, such as blues, purples, oranges, reds and yellows on the walls and other household items. This adds another peculiarity: the ornaments placed in them, as guards and pointed forms. You can get these forms using a stencil.

Moroccan furniture

Besides the walls, put this style ornaments and colors peculiar to other elements. This stems from Morocco has been a convergence of different styles and cultures, such as Arabic, Spanish and even French and is reflected in the furnishings and fixtures.

It is easy to tap your furniture by changing the color or placing them in Arabic style tiles. You can transform your environment, too, using steel or glass lamps, or lamps that simulate simple style with warm light bulbs.

Carpets and textiles

Another characteristic elements are carpets and fabrics used for this type of decoration that can be very lavish and extravagant, with a combination of bright colors.

Decorating interior design of Carpets and textiles in Moroccan style

An easy way to give a detail of Moroccan decor in your room is through the combination of embroidered cushions in different colors. And do not skimp on the amount that should be abundant. You can also add colored fabrics with transparency on the lamp or hanging from doorframes or bed.

Carpets are very important for their various designs. Always select, if you do not get an original, those with Islamic motifs, desert and warm colors. Also puff leather and colors are ideal for this style.

Accessories to decorate

A key element of this style are the accessories like mirrors with gold or black metal frames and wooden dishes in shades of blue, ocher and red, vases and pottery typical of the area.

Decorating interior design of Carpets and textiles in Moroccan style

You can even make your own by placing tiles to renew your mirrors, embroidery or painting your old cushions with Arabic motifs or simply combining your cushions together. Also, consider purchasing those items that are readily available in the market as pots and pans colorful colors.

There are many Moroccan style decorating ideas to choose from. But you can also try an oriental style yet, and change your home with a Japanese-style decor. Maybe you change?

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