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Decorating rooms with retro touch

The retro style is increasingly fashionable. In home decoration it becomes nostalgia for the lost years and found a thousand ways to remember with this style. The rooms are once again dressing and emerge as the perfect opportunity.

To begin the tone you should be neutral and nothing fancy, remember that the characteristic of this style is traditional and orthodox decoration. The white, black and gray suggests a sober so do beige and brown curtains, rugs and why not, in furniture.


sofa should be cut straight and better if the time materials

The sofa should be cut straight and better if the time materials, i.e. wooden legs, preferably long and thin, materials and textures such as velvet and some leather. Nothing better to start with a comfortable seat of ancient dyes.

The rugs and carpets are an integral part of all vintage, do not forget to prefer coarse fiber to the center or some small for parts. The decorated with these items should not be exaggerated but should only right and proper.

The walls will be in low tones, some portraits and can be decorated. The shelves of leave for other rooms but can go one or two for those who need supplements.

sofa should be cut straight and better if the time materials

The curtains should also be integrated perfectly with the overall picture, the material must be light and unpretentious this to avoid breaking the general style of the space. Its visual is very powerful if you put some galleries in wood or aged metal.

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