Your room has to have a large storage capacity
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The best colors to decorate a small bedroom

In this post I am going to mention some important tips, which will be vital to transform your room into a cozy, warm and with an open feeling environment.

. Tips for a warm and cozy bedroom . If you are looking to have in your home a perfect hideaway, you must create a room that gives the feeling of being wrapped in a cocoon of safety and warmth For that, you must implement the following tips:

* For the bed and the walls, I recommend that you use colors that are warm . You can choose brown, red, terracotta and gold colors are best colors to decorate a bedroom.

* In your bedroom must-haves curtains, blankets and cushions . These are essential elements to create a warm and comfortable bedroom. What I advise is always to have in your room a lot of blankets, cushions and curtains.

airy bedroom So you can create a bedroom airy

* To give more style to your room, it is very important that you use fabrics with floral patterns . The fabrics with floral patterns always be combined with solid colors on the sheets and curtains, thus decorating look harmonious and balanced.

* Put your personal stamp on their room . To achieve this it is vital to circulate around the room to your room different accessories, but try not to overload the space, just put the right accessories and go according to the style of decoration.

* Your room has to have a large storage capacity . Should never leave things messy and much less thrown away on the ground. Therefore, you must have furniture with drawers, shelves, baskets or shelves where you can store and sort things out.

Decorating small kitchens

How to get an open, airy bedroom So you can create a bedroom airy, open and cool, must implement the tips that will leave then:

* To paint the walls . To paint the walls of your room to use cool colors, they are perfect to create a greater sense of space. The most recommended to paint the walls cold colors are: purple, blue and green.

* Try your room has large windows and simple . If you do not have windows or transparent panels, I suggest that the window frames white paint, thereby generating achieve a feeling of freshness.

Your room has to have a large storage capacity

* Your room should always keep the color scheme . Patterns fabrics and quilts must be a minimum of tones. To generate in her bedroom feeling clean, calm and order, must use in decorating the same hue.

* Put in your room a few decorative accessories . By doing this serve to avoid the space look overdone and overwhelming. Instead of placing small neighborhoods accessories, choose to put one or two accessories.

* Keep things in place and tidy . Never pile up your clothes on the bed and neither should fill Lightbox with unnecessary things, as this would achieve only remove the freshness of your bedroom.

Put your personal stamp on their room

The two best colors to paint small spaces

White. This is the most recommended for small rooms decorating color, because it helps create a light and airy atmosphere. It is also a color that reflects light, it makes the room look brighter and bigger. To give your room a sense of open, fresh and clean, you should paint the walls and ceiling white, and to complete the decor put white sheer curtains.

The indigo blue. indigo blue in the green, blue and purple are also included, are colors that look great in rooms that lack space. These colors deceive the eyes, giving a signal to the brain that everything is far away, that’s why the small room look bigger, spacious and welcoming.

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