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Decorative items in Ekobo green bamboo

The trend in decorating favors a return to nature. Whether you are green or you are overcome with enthusiasm for the sleek design, choose the style of Ekobo Green! Modern and colorful items offered by Ekobo bamboo are simply original.

The items are made of bamboo Ekobo Decorative items in Ekobo green bamboo


The items are made of bamboo Ekobo. Why bamboo? It grows quickly without pesticides or fertilizers, gets a lot of carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Another advantage is that bamboo is strong. All these qualities were highlighted by Ekobo to create accessories and ecological, practical and aesthetic. Ekobo products are entirely handmade in Vietnam and tinted varnish food. They are resistant to cold and heat as well as stains and odors.

With their fruity colors, these items will brighten your table to perfection. Some products are interchangeable. You can make combinations that you can adapt to suit your needs. The brand offers a wide range of utensils: plates, bowls, trays, etc.. You will surely find your happiness! For the maintenance of bamboo items, avoid the microwave and dishwasher. A simple hand wash with detergent is sufficient.


A selection of articles made of bamboo Ekobo

For an appetizer, Ekobo APERO offers small plates. Made of natural bamboo lacquer, you can create a profusion of flavors and colors. This article reflects the decidedly user-friendliness. On the other hand, the QUADRO PLATE are small square plates with a modern design that can serve as plates or small plates. The dimensions are perfect for dessert or appetizers to present. RONDO is a line of small round plates, and colorful graphics. It is ideal to brighten up your table and present entries or serve as dessert plates.

The bowl is a classic soundtrack. Bright colors and clean lines, it is ideal to complement each meal. The bowl can receive the morning cereal, and is used to present small snacks as an aperitif. The MAXI PLATO is a multi-purpose platform of choice. Lightweight and with a large capacity, can accommodate both covered, drinks and meals. Moreover, it accords with all decorative styles. Finally, the RISO-TO is a functional serving bowl with a spoon attached. It can serve as a bowl of flat trim or cut off.

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