Lamps and lighting

Decorative Lamps for Pool Water

The decoration of houses and gardens ever reaches farther and covers more and more details. The night of the pool decorated with lamps, lanterns or floating candles is renewed day by day to create the necessary climate of relaxation at a party, but also on any given night, in that we want to recreate the look and feel good.

sub-aquatic are ideal for those who enjoy a dip in the light of the moon

The pool lights can float on the surface, thus emulating a pond or lake. They can be of various colors and varying intensity. Another way to illuminate the pool is submersible lamps or sub-aquatic. The latter are ideal for those who enjoy a dip in the light of the moon. In turn, alternative means of decorating and lighting the pool, such as solar lanterns and, of course, the ancient candles, collaborating suggestive scenarios cause special dates.

Floating Lamps

One of the innovations in pool lamps are those employing low energy lighting. This trend represents the brand Platton, who designed some spectacular LED lighting for pool oval. These lamps come in an amazing array of colors, so that you imagine the magical atmosphere that can be created with them.

Each pool lamps has a 24 hour battery.

Solar lamps and lanterns

Another proposal, this time good ecological, to decorate and illuminate the pool, arethe lamps that feed on sunlight. There is an interesting offer in this regard that is lanterns or balloons by a photovoltaic panel that do not require electricity, charged during the day and glow at night.

In this sense, one option is to apply this system around the perimeter of the pool, creating a shining path that defines the edges of the water in the dark.

Submersible LED Lights

LED lights offer the possibility of transforming the pool into something fantastic. With the option to change the colors, can go from red to green, or multicolored hue changing tonality at a rate of ten seconds. These lamps for pools have the advantage of being low power, last longer and ultimately take less.

If you do not wish to use aquatic lamps to decorate and illuminate the pool at night, do not forget to try the floating candles. Just get enough light holders, preferably wooden, and the pool will become the world’s most romantic place. Finally, note what is coming in aquatic lighting: submersible fiber optic lighting. It is a system that is placed in the bottom of the pool and creates a stunning effect of a starry sky.

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