Carpet and rug Design Trends and Styles

Definitive guide to decorating with carpet

Any excuse can be good for incorporating a carpet into the decor of the house. For aesthetics, to gain warmth, to achieve fluffy and comfortable steps, to give a new look to the environment and for many other reasons.

Now, do you think you know everything about the world of carpets? Today at DreamyApartment we want to share with you some tricks and ideas that will help you discover it. We present the definitive guide for decorating with carpets.

Style and size

Before choosing the carpet we must take into account two important issues to get right with our decision. On the one hand, the aesthetics and on the other the stay or the place in which we are going to place our carpet.

Aesthetically, both the design and the color of our carpet should be related to the decorative style of the room. If we talk about color, we must take into account that the light tones bring light and contribute to optically expand the space. While dark colors make environments look smaller, they also add warmth.

Size is the other important issue that we have to evaluate, since our carpet must adapt to the room so that it is neither too small nor too large. Therefore, we must take measurements of the exact space in which we are going to locate it.
 replace the old rug with another design a little more stylish

If we want a carpet to last, we must not lose sight of the latest trends. They take the hair rugs , the kilim designs and the thick fabrics , like wool.

These models are especially welcome at home during the colder seasons of the year, such as winter. While for the hottest months carpets triumph in cooler fabrics , such as cotton and jute. In this sense, it is necessary to take into account that the natural materials are the last thing in textile decoration. In short, the more natural and the higher the fiber, the better.

Also in the kitchen and bathroom

We have already said it on more than one occasion, but we do not tire of repeating it: the carpets are for the whole house and this also includes the kitchen and the bathroom. The secret to hit? Choose the most suitable material for each stay.

In the kitchen they take the vinyl carpets that combine materials of great quality and design to the last. There are many prints that mimic all types of materials and surfaces, such as wood and hydraulic tile. Being vinyl, these rugs are as tough as they are easy to clean. Ideal for cooking.

you can upholster the lounge chair with the same tonality and design as the rug

While in the bathroom it is time to replace the old rug with another design a little more stylish. Perhaps a cozy carpet in dark color that disguises more dirt. Of course, choose materials that are resistant and easy to maintain, such as infallible cotton.

Integrate the carpet in the decoration

Do you need a stylist trick to achieve a perfect decoration? In DreamyApartment we recommend you to integrate your carpet into the environment. For example, you can upholster the lounge chair with the same tonality and design as the rug.
Another great idea may be to highlight the carpet within the space. In this regard, nothing better than opt for a round carpet . They are in fashion and also help us give a different look to the decoration. We can also opt for a color that contrasts with the floor of the room to gain well depth. For example, if the floor is clear, a carpet in some striking color will stand out.


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