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Why designer homes are getting more and more popular

Keeping up with the digital Jones’

Designer homes are not only the envy of people in your street, but can now be globally showcased on Pinterest, Instagram and the holy grail of an upmarket design blog. Therefore, demand for a photo worthy home is increasing partly as a response to our desire to share our worlds on social media, and partly as a result of us being inspired by other people’s designs online. Australia’s somewhat isolated geographic location in the world has meant that trends in fashion, design and music for example, are traditionally a little slow to reach our shores. These days the instantaneous nature of the internet vastly reduces this lag time, even if we need to wait for the cost of importing luxury products to drop if they’re new to the market.

You can make yourself self-sustainable in terms of energy and potentially generate cash flow by selling back to the grid

Designer home builders have also been vociferously consuming local home renovation shows like The Block, House Rules and the classic Better Homes and Gardens in order to inspire their next designs and see the latest trends in property. The general public is also lapping them up, indicating a strong preference for DYI that’s not only cost effective, but beautiful.

They save you money… in the long term

This can be a tricky to justify for the cash poor, but a high performing house constructed with superior materials will return value to you over the years. This may be in the form of lower energy costs due to its design, or systems such as solar or home battery packs. You can make yourself self-sustainable in terms of energy and potentially generate cash flow by selling back to the grid. Other environmentally friendly features such as green roofing and comprehensive grey water systems can reduce your reliance on the metred water and power that you need to keep your house running.

Solid buildings with classic design will also withstand the elements and general wear and tear to a better degree. This translates to less repairs and even maintenance if you select products wisely, think self-cleaning glass! Kitchens and bathrooms as frequently used rooms also benefit from being constructed with higher quality materials, they last longer and you’ll also have a more aesthetically pleasing space to cook and clean yourself in.

Come time to sell, or even if you’re looking to refinance and extract equity from your house, a designer home will return more value to you. Many people looking to buy a house will opt for one that’s completely finished meaning they can move in straight away. And they will also pay a premium for one that is tastefully done. If you want to hold onto your designer masterpiece but still wish to earn some extra cash, particularly picturesque residences are the most popular on online short term accommodation sites. If you are considering listing your home you can also dynamically price it if there’s a major event being held in the vicinity of your home or you’re located in a holiday or travelling hotspot.

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