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Designing a garden courtyard with swimming pool (Part-2)

The installation of a pond in the courtyard garden is very refreshing and encouraging the creation of a serene and intimate, especially in the case of sources whose sound is relaxing. If you put a pool, you have to make some clarifications.

When installing a pool in your backyard, you must realize that should be located in the sunniest part of it and that requires a free space around it, which will serve as a solarium and will maintain a clear sectoring garden. No need to install an Olympic size pool, not a force, we find excellent models in alternative materials that are already ready and only require installation, besides being much cheaper. You also have a mobile swimming pools that allow you to move and easy maintenance.

Designing a garden courtyard with swimming pool

The inclusion of furniture of garden is essential to create a living garden, where you can enjoy moments of relaxation and calm in the privacy of your home. A set of table and chairs, will be better near the barbecue, if you have it. This furniture can be very varied materials, but you choose to harmonize with the decor of the house. Indeed, the decoration of the garden must be consistent with the exterior decoration of your house. It would be ridiculous to design a garden of Versailles in a house minimalist style.

The garden benches must be surrounded by vegetation otherwise seem placed to force. A pergola is always a good idea because it allows us to establish an intimate nook in the garden, and provides a shady area, so necessary in every garden. You can easily cover your pergola with climbing plants.

Designing a garden courtyard with swimming pool

Not a good idea to overload the garden species, is preferable to use a few species we like to create a harmonious whole.
The pebbles are good decorations for any garden, you can use local stone to create them. Also sculptures play an important ornamental role.

If you want your garden patio also have birds, the best trick is to put a drinking fountain for them, the grateful nature. And do not forget to change the water every day.

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