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Ideas for dining table decorations

If you just moved and are waiting for the decor of your new home or are planning to re-decorate, you must not miss the centerpieces that decorate your dining table.

These are small details that become essential because they allow the decoration of the house is complete and obtain the space a cute and attractive. Therefore, in this new post we share with you some ideas for dining table decorations.

Decorative candles and aromatic

Get inspired by these tips to decorate dining tables, adapt them to your tastes or styles and complements the decor of the room.

How to decorate your dining table

Decorative candles and aromatic

You can create interesting and beautiful centerpieces with candles and there are many options to incorporate into the decor. One way to do this is by placing them in a glass bowl or glass, fill it half full of water and place the candles, which will be floating.

You can also add colored stones, sold in many establishments are decorative accessories for the home, and is an excellent choice to combine with candles.

Another good idea is to choose candles of different sizes and colors, place them on a plate with an attractive or modern and decorate with seashells, dried petals or whatever comes to mind.


Include fruits is a typical motif for the dining table and is a very nice way to integrate them into a more modern design. Personally, I like a lot more that are not true and fruit decoration but you can do what you like.

If you want to do something unusual, fruits organized by color, for example, placing an orange tablecloth or touches of this color and choose a minimalist basket to place oranges or tangerines as decoration.

Flowers and Nature

The jasmine have a spectacular and refreshing flavor, are a great choice when you choose flowers for decorating your home. Although you can also choose roses, lilies or any type of flowers you want.

excellent choice to combine with candles

Includes green leaves with flowers and combine them in the centerpiece decoration. On the other hand, modern or select a vase that fits the style of the room, as the vase we choose is the key to success.

More photos of decorations for tables

Hope you like these decorations for dining table!
Decorate the dinner table with these ornaments, it is very practical and charming will achieve attractive results. Can you think of any other ideas? How to decorate the dining table?

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