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Dubai: here is the first luxury floating home!

Things for the sheikhs change day after day. If the first dilemma was the only “must be great when my luxury villa?” Now add another that is “better to build a luxury villa or a floating island?”

Dubai here is the first luxury floating home

This new option was added thanks to the creation of “Ome”, considered as the first private artificial island built in the area, although in reality it is a real luxury floating home.


The draft Ome, born through the cooperation of Palmerston, Donald Starkey Design and Floating Islands Atoll LLC, which together have created a mix between a boat, a luxury villa and private island, combining the best use of the three structures.


Ome can navigate between the islands, has a round shape with a diameter of 32 meters. Inside there are less than 5 rooms, a pool and everything you need to be self-sufficient in electricity.

Projects such as Ome, as seen by some analysts, once established, could change the world view.

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