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Ecostyle, the vacuum cleaner and environmentally friendly design


Ecostyle, the vacuum cleaner and environmentally friendly design

The vacuum cleaner is now essential household appliance. However, the disadvantages associated with the use of a vacuum cleaner are numerous. Noisy, power consuming, vacuum cleaners can cause some trouble also. Samsung overcomes all that and hits a home run with its model Ecostyle.

Ecostyle, a vacuum cleaner Green

The main shortcoming of conventional vacuum cleaners is that they consume a lot of energy, which is usually 2000 watts. Samsung innovates the Ecostyle vacuum cleaners that consumes only 1400 watts. Yet it is as effective and better than a conventional model. Thus, users have noted a decrease in energy consumption up to 35%. How is this possible? With a triple-brush system breakdown that creates a ‘vacuum’ mini cyclone. It is this system that allows you then to spend less time suck, and you do so much more easily.

Ecostyle, easy to live with a vacuum cleaner

You never get used to the annoying hum of a vacuum cleaner. Can not play music or phone because of all the sound it makes. Again, Ecostyle is the ideal solution. With only 72 dB, this vacuum cleaner is one of the quietest on the market. Ecostyle is a bagless vacuum cleaner with a 2.5-liter tank. It withdrew with a push of a button. It empties in a single step when the cover is removed. People with allergies can be reassured that the Ecostyle vacuum cleaner is certified by the British Allergy Foundation. It filters 99.95% of dust and other allergens. In short, it is really easy going.


Ecostyle, a vacuum cleaner design

In addition to being environmentally friendly and practical Ecostyle is also a vacuum cleaner design. A view from the top of the unit eerily as a phone the same brand. Its glossy black finish is trendy. You can choose the color buttons that adorn the vacuum cleaner: pink, green or blue metallic. The days are gone when we shamefully relegated devices in their closet when cleaning is complete. The Ecostyle displayed as a decorative element in itself. For about € 179, you buy a vacuum cleaner, you save energy and you have an object tend to you!

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